Welcome to CT's Paperclads paper models. Here you will find models of warships from the 1850s to the 1870s, mostly related to the American Civil War. The goal here is to make available models of ships that have not been available in the past. The ships of this era presented a dynamic change from the navies of the past, and pointed the way to the future, with many dead end and experimental craft along the way. Many of the ships modeled here were never completed, or completed in ways different from there original conception. As much as possible, the information about the ship, the builders, and the history is presented in the model pages for the enjoyment and education of the builder, along with where such information was found. However, in many cases the information available is limited, or the final model is hypothetical, and in those cases that information is also noted. In the first half of the 1900s a strange replay of the ironclad armament races happened again, this time on land. CTs Paperclads has made available a small number of strange, sometime effective and sometimes silly armored vehicles developed before WW2. As with the waterborn ironclads that came before, these wheeled and tracked armored fighting vehicles pointed to the future of mechanized warfare, with a few dead ends along the way. Again, the models available are either based on the finished vehicle, or in some cases, the model is a hypothetical of what the experimental vehicle may have been like. The information on each is in the model pages for your enjoyment.

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