1/48 Stout 2AT Pullman – Maiden Dearborn – Paper Model


1/48 Stout 2AT Pullman – Maiden Dearborn – Paper Model


This model is a REISSUE, previously available on old Ecardmodels store.


The all-metal Stout 2AT Pullman was the United State’s most advanced airliner of its time. Designed by William Bushnell Stout with substantial financial backing from automobile mogul, Henry Ford, it was first flown in 1924. The first scheduled commercial flights in America occurred when the “Maiden Detroit” flew 1,000 lbs. of freight between factories in Detroit and Chicago during April 1925. Flying for Ford Air Transport Service, the Stout 2AT served the routes between Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland.  The Stout 2AT was the first aircraft to be nicknamed ‘Tin Goose’, the same name later applied to the Ford Trimotors. A total of 11 aircraft were constructed before they were scrapped in 1928.

This paper model represents the Stout 2AT ‘Pullman’ as seen in 1925 named ‘Maiden Dearborn’.  The Maiden Dearborn would later be involved in the first commercial aircraft fatality in the US on May 18, 1926.

Paper Model Details: Over 140 parts on seven pages including a stacked propellor, internal fuselage and wing formers, wire template for landing gear, integrated tabs and join strips, boxed wheels, simple cockpit tub, window screen template and eight pages of instructions.

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