1/48 North American B-25B Mitchell Doolittle Raid Livery Paper Model


1/48 North American B-25B Mitchell Doolittle Raid Livery Paper Model



This model commissioned from Will Aldridge for Short Studio builds the North American B-25B Mitchell in an inflight configuration with a separate sheet containing landing gear. Display stand is included for inflight configuration!

In March 1939 the US Army requested proposals for a new five-place medium bombardment aircraft. Eventually two designs were accepted which became the famous B-25 Mitchell and the B-26 Marauder. North American Aviation’s entry was the B-25 Mitchell which first flew on August 19, 1940. The design had been accepted straight off the drawing board by the Army and developed quickly, and by early 1942, the 17th Bombardment Group was flying the B-25B variant in operations. As planning for the Doolittle Raid progressed, it became obvious that the B-25 Mitchell was the best plane for the mission, combining short takeoff capabilities, good range, decent bomb payload, and a wingspan that would just fit on an aircraft carrier’s deck. In early February 1942, Army officers Fitzgerald and McCarthy each took off of the USS Hornet’s deck off the Virginia coast, proving that the project was feasible. The project was headed up by the famous aviator “Jimmie” Doolittle, and was the first strike on the Japanese mainland.


This kit contains 13 pages of parts and 11 instructional assembly diagrams throughout the model.

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