1/48 Junkers A20/R02 S-AAAZ Swedish Military Version Paper Model


1/48 Junkers A20/R02 S-AAAZ Swedish Military Version Paper Model


This model is a REISSUE, previously available on old Ecardmodels store.


Developed from the J-11 seaplane, the Junkers A20 was designed as a muilti-purpose aircraft in the early 1920s. Because the Versailles Treaty made it difficult to manufacture any military aircraft in Germany, Junkers licensed the manufacture of the A20 to a new company formed in 1925 named AB Flygindustri in Sweden. Approximately 170 A20/A35s were built in military and civilian versions. The aircraft were exported to countries such as Turkey, Chile, China, Hungary, Persia, Spain and Yemen.

This paper model kit represents the Junkers A20 built by A.B Flygindustri with the Swedish Military with the ID markings of S-AAAZ.

Paper Model Details: Over 130 parts on 4 pages, including formers for wing and fuselage, simple cockpit, stacked wheels, stacked propeller blade, simplified engine parts and 5 pages of instructions with instructional diagrams. If you enjoy building this paper model, please contribute a review!

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