1/48 Junkers A-20 Mailplane D-599 Paper Model


1/48 Junkers A-20 Mailplane D-599 Paper Model


This model is a REISSUE, previously available on old Ecardmodels store.


Incorporating features of the Junkers J-11 seaplane, the German aircraft manufacturer, Junkers, developed the Junkers A-20; a cantilever low-wing, all metal, multi-purpose aircraft. The A-20 was used as a training aircraft, sports plane and research plane.  One other such use was as a courier/mail plane during the later 1920s. Only 43 aircraft of the type were produced and initially powered by the Daimler D IIIa engine providing 160 horsepower. As engine technology improved, some of the A-20s were re-equipped with more powerful engines such as the Jump L5 which provided up to 310 horsepower.

This model kit provides parts to build the Junkers A-20 mailplane identified as D-599 which flew for Deutsch Luft Hansa (DLH) during 1926.

Paper Model Details: Over 130 parts on 4 pages, including formers for wing and fuselage, simple cockpit, stacked wheels, stacked propeller blade, simplified engine parts and 5 pages of instructions with instructional diagrams.

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