1/48 Breguet 14T2 F-JAGB Paper Model


1/48 Breguet 14T2 F-JAGB Paper Model


This model is a REISSUE, previously available on old Ecardmodels store

Images of model represent how to build the subject and may not represent the actual scheme of the kit as shown on the cover art.

Contour Creative Studio presents their second model of thge Breguet 14T. F-JAGB flew for fledgling airline CMA in 1920.

The Breguet 14T was a 1920’s post-war conversion of the firm’s very successful Model 14 bomber/recon aircraft. Alterations included moving the pilot’s cockpit aft, to approximately where the gunner’s cockpit had been, and installing a cabin that could hold two passengers. External fuel tanks were also fitted, between the wings. Over 8,000 Breguets of all models were produced, the production line remaining open until 1928.

Paper Model Details: 104 parts on four pages, with illustrated instructions and construction photos. Full cockpit, opaque passenger cabin glazing, wing formers, external fuel tanks, parts for choice of boxed or layered wheels, extra parts, strut templates, rigging diagrams. Designed by Terry Moyle and Rosie Louise.

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