1/18 Little Willie WW1 Prototype Tank Paper Model


1/18 Little Willie WW1 Prototype Tank Paper Model


Built in 1915 , Little Willie was the World’s first operational Tank.
Although “Number 1 Lincoln Machine” never saw actual service
during World War One, it was a successful test-bed for the track drive system that would
be used on subsequent Tank designs.

This 1/18 scale model closely depicts the No.1 Lincoln Machine as it came from the
Foster’s factory in 1915 with its “boiler plate” body, articulated Track system and C-beam chassis
construction. The model features a detailed interior with Daimler Benz 6 cylinder Engine
and Drivetrain, Passenger compartment elements and Driver controls, as well as removable
Turret plug for interior viewing, and working Hatchway and Portal covers.

Model consists of 35 Pages, which include:
Full Colour Cover Page.
Information Page with photographs.
7 Pages of Instructions with Assembly Diagrams and Photos.
26 Pages of Parts.

This is a reissue of a model previously available at ecardmodels.

A “Steering Unit Add-On” kit is available for this model.


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