1/100 Hawker Hurricane 10-Kit Bundle Nr 4 Paper Model


1/100 Hawker Hurricane 10-Kit Bundle Nr 4 Paper Model


This bundled set of kits builds into 10 different variants of the Hawker Hurricane. The variants included are listed here and can been seen on the cover image. Purchasing this bundle gets you 10 planes for the price of 8! Each plane prints on a single sheet of paper and every bundle includes the how to build instructions applicable to all Scissors and Planes Kits.

This bundled kit contains 10 model schemes of the Hawker Hurricane as follows:

2521 Hawker Hurricane Mk I (early) Witold Lokuciewski, 303 Squadron
2522 Hawker Hurricane Mk I (late) J MacLachlan Malta 261 Squadron
2523 Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc 309 Squadron
2525 Hawker hurricane Mk IIc Dennis Smalwood 87 Squadron
2532 Hawker Hurricane PRC 3 PRU Squadron, India
2533 Hawker hurricane Mk IId JV+Z
2534 Hawker Huriicane Mk IId FJ+G
2535 Hawker hurricane Mk IId USSR White 21
2536 Hawker Hurricane Mk IId
2537 Hawker Hurricane Mk IV Boscombe Down

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