For any order, login or support related issues please email our support team at

One of our support reps will return your email as soon as possible!

Need help setting up a new Customer Account? Follow these instructions:

Click on My Account (upper menu bar).
You can Log In or Register a new account on this page.
To register, choose a User Name and enter it.
Also, enter a valid email address that you have access to.
You will receive a randomly generated Password in a confirmation email.
You have the option of changing the password once your account is created.
If you wish to sell your own designs at ecardmodels, make sure to click “Apply to become a Vendor?” before you hit the register button.

Wait for the confirmation email to arrive and follow any instructions in that email.

Need help setting up a new Vendor Account? Follow these instructions:

Follow the same steps as with (above) “setting up a Customer Account”
but make sure to check the box “Apply to become a Vendor?”.

You can also click on any of the “Become a Vendor?” links (in various locations)

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to proceed.


What if I want to change my Password? Can I?

Answer: YES. Just go to the My Account page …go to Account Details…and follow the steps to change your password. As long as your new password meets the site requirements, you will be able to do so.

Can I use my old account? (from the old ecardmodels site).

Answer: NO. All previous accounts and account data are gone. This is a new site…new store. You must create an entirely new account with a new Password and User Name.

Can I re-use my old User Name and Password (for my new account)?

Answer: YES. As long as your User name and/or Password comply with the rules of this new store and the new account. Examples: Email addresses can not be used as User Names. For security reasons password requirements are now stricter.

What is this “Site Support” charge I see at the Checkout?

Here at ecardmodels we work very hard on your behalf to keep prices fair and affordable for you, and to give the highest Commission rewards to our Vendors. Since web related costs are ever increasing and the store barely makes enough to support itself, we are forced to add a small surcharge to every sale to boost the much needed store income. (Keep in mind, the Staff at ecardmodels are all volunteers!) This is not a profit, or a hidden charge…which is why we made it obvious in the checkout, rather than covertly boosting the product costs.

I see an Error Message (403, 404, 503, etc), what can I do?

Answer: Try reloading the page, or Go Back One page and try again. Sometimes errors are nothing more than loading glitches. If the error persists, please go to the Support page and submit a Ticket for assistance. Make sure to properly detail the error you are experiencing, including attaching screengrabs if possible.